12 July 2008

Long Live the Internet!

As I trudge through this journey of finding my first job (it's surprisingly hard to find one that matches both my interests AND skills, ... or maybe I'm just really picky), a string of thoughts go through my mind.  I think about how long I will remain in this state of frictional unemployment.  I wonder what city I will end up in.  I think about what particular path I should carve out for myself to reach my ultimate dreams/goals.  Then I rationalize that the best thing to do is to take it one step at a time and that right now, I should focus on finding my first job.  

Most of the jobs I've applied for were found on the Internet, but other than that, have I exhausted all of my resources?  I think about how big business moguls started out.  How did they find their first job?  They didn't have the Internet.  So I wonder, what did they use and how did they do it?  Newspapers is the immediate answer that comes to mind.

The point is, I just realized another part of my life that is dependent upon the Internet and you know what, it's not so bad!

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