14 July 2008


Today, I witnessed a true act of kindness that came from pure love.

After dinner, my parents and I went for a walk around the neighborhood with Lucky (our puppy).  As we turned the corner to get back on our street, I see this elderly couple in front of their house.  The woman was tending to her flowers and the man was sitting on his rocking chair.  I hoped that I will have a rocking chair to sit on in front of my house.  I also noticed a giant, fake Wishbone-looking dog pulling an empty wagon in front of their tree and thought, "Hm, that's interesting lawn decor."  I see the man get up and go inside the house and my attention reverted back to the sidewalk.  Moments later, Lucky is barking and is pulling on his leash.  I see the man crossing the street over to us and he is carrying a container full of dog treats.  He says to us, "Every dog that passes by my house gets a doggy treat" and gives Lucky two treats.  Lucky is petrified of strangers so I had to hold him and the man tried to give him a kiss but Lucky resisted and tried to bite him.  So we talked briefly.  He tells us that he has three dogs and that he is so in love with him.  Then he shook my dad's hand and then we said goodnight.  The entire experience was so beautiful and so pure.

After we parted ways, we continued our journey home (5 more houses to go!).  Lucky is very attached to my mother and in turn, my mother likes to play tricks on Lucky.  Whenever we go walking, at some point, she will let my dad walk further ahead with Lucky and then she will hide behind a tree or a parked car and see how long it will be until Lucky notices.  Well today, she hid in between mailboxes and it was THE funniest thing ever.
When we got home, my mom and I went night swimming while my dad watered his flowers.
Today was a wonderful day.


Melissa said...

There are bricks on the mailbox?!

JP said...

yes! is that not normal? cos it's all I've ever known!