11 July 2008

A Vegan Remedy for Ailing Vegans

Looking for a vegan remedy to your sore throat? Try Amy's No Chicken Noodle Soup!

I stumbled across this vegan version of the "cure all" soup at Sprouts today and it is indeed light, tasty, comforting, and of course, contains no chicken, just like Amy promises. The tofu was a little hard for my taste and I, of course, added salt but this is a delicious option if you're sick and don't have the energy to stew over a pot of soup that already conveniently comes in a can.  But have no fear, I will undoubtedly try to make my own tasty version once I am well.

It's also low fat so I totally had room to wash down a Tofutti Totally Fudge Pop.
This chocolate novelty is oh, so goooooood going down my throat. After the soup, ice cream and TONS of hot green tea, I think my grossly, inflamed tonsils decreased in size a little. Just because you're vegan does not mean you are denied comfort food when you need it most! Here's to a better tomorrow! :)


Melissa said...

What kind of broth is it?

JP said...

Vegetable! You can buy canned/boxed vegetable broth in stores or make your own with vegetable bouillon (which is cheaper!).

Sidhdharth said...

wait, can you post recipes on your blog too, like once week?

Anonymous said...

OMG I just realized I HAVE THAT SOUP IN MY PANTRY! Wow. It looks really good, I'm just worried that it is flavored to taste like chicken? It's been like 8 weeks since you ate it, but could you please describe the exact flavor profile for me?