14 September 2010


Last month, I flew to Chicago to see some old college friends #omg, I can't believe I can say that now?

But also to attend Lollapalooza ... and it was such an awesome time!!
My musical highlights were Lady Gaga's Monster Ball set, the crowd chanting to "Wake Up" after Arcade Fire's colorful performance, swaying to Stars and dancing to Kaskade in a field completely dedicated to raving. Awesome.

But really, all the acts we saw were great and it was such an amazing experience. Probably not the same as it was back in the early 90's ... but still lots of fun.

An unexpected surprise was the culinary lineup! There were two food courts that featured a lot of delicious organic, vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free options. It also made me very happy to see that a lot of items sold out, meaning that there is a demand for particular eaters like me!

Things I'd like to see change: Budweiser was the official sponsor so naturally that was the only beer that was sold. I don't know anyone that would want Budweiser to have a monopoly on such a grand scale.

Well, maybe my daddy. :)

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