12 September 2010

Dreams Do Come True

So yes, I saw the Backstreet Boys again. And yes, it was just as amazing, if not better.

Not because it was the same exact show. And not because they replaced their awkward opening act with their super cool dj who spinned a set and basically turned the concert into a mini rave.

It was because Nick Carter touched and acknowledged me!!!

After the concert, we waited on the other side of the building for the boys to come out. We saw the tour bus and strategically stood near the bus door. When Nick came out, he stopped where my friend Jenna and I were standing and that was when I touched his hand!!! Our fingers intertwined and I felt him wriggle his fingers free from mine. :)

That's not all. We started following the bus down the street and Nick turned down the window and started staying stuff like "AJ has pink eye!" I screamed, "I want AJ's pink eye!" He laughed and said, "No, you don't!"

*photo of Nick and AJ on the bus talking to me :)

This was seriously a dream come true!!

ps- I've washed my hands since then. I didn't want to, but I did.

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