17 September 2010

apartment hunting...

...doesn't bring out the best in people, or so I've learned.

Don't get me wrong, I am just equally as guilty as my new roommate. Looking for an affordable home in a city where rent is unreasonbably inflated requires a lot of disposable time that neither of us have. Just another lovely perk of living in Manhattan.

We've found 3 really great apartments that fit our budget and are considered "steals" and have lost them all.

I just stumbled across this article that sums up the hell that is apartment hunting in the Manhattan area and it is so funny yet so on point. Read here.

Ah, laughter amongst stress.

We just applied to a great apartment and our application is pending. Cross your fingers!

**And just to show you that we're not that miserable and we still love each other, here is a picture of Darien/roommate and me with a heart-shaped ice sculpture in Times Square... Another wonderful perk of living in NYC. :)

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