29 June 2010


I love music. Music speaks to me. Sometimes it magically lets me know how I'm feeling. And it almost always puts me in a great mood.

So there shouldn't be any shame in that right??

I love the Backstreet Boys. Like L.O.V.E. them. Even through their days of straightened hair, notable weight gain and drug addictions. (I understand fussing over hair; who doesn't love a huggable teddy bear; and recovering from addictions show us that we're human). And this love affair that started when I was 10 has shown no signs of stopping.

I recently saw them two weeks ago in New York at Hammerstein Ballroom. It was general admission so a couple of us got there early. We waited while the clouds shifted slowly and gave us some shade from the hot sun and then some rain. But it was OK. Because we sang BSB songs and played BSB trivia and friended other life long fans. I felt so safe. The show began and I loved every second of it. They played their new album and integrated all their classics; while not taking themselves seriously at all. It brought back so many fond memories and good feelings. I wish I could say more to describe how amazing it was.

They are doing another show in August and I just got my tickets in the mail. I canNOT wait!!!

Is there anyone that you have seen a billion times and can't get enough of?



la beast said...

I love your obsession with them. Did you take that picture yourself? Cause you were close!!!

Have fun at the next show!

Sidhdharth said...

Chris Brown is the greatest entertainer I've seen in concert. I cannot get enough of that! I'm happy you find joy in the Backstreet Boyz.