14 August 2012

Break-Up Ice Cream

KStew is an IDIOT for cheating on RPatz!
Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to jeopardize a relationship with one of God's finest creatures with a barely palatable, married man? Straight up stupid is what that is.
Not that I was rooting for the couple or anything, but losing R-Patz... that is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.
On the plus side (because we are optimists), Cedric Diggory/Edward is now single and back on the market!!!
But before we get in line ladies, this man needs to heal!! Poor R-Patz!

Enter ice cream. Did you watch Rob on The Daily Show? John Stewart consoled him with two pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

(ice cream makes everything better)

Which left me inspired to propose that B&J make their own "break-up" flavored ice cream! (I can't make it myself because sadly, I do not have an ice cream maker... who wants to buy me one?) So what does "break-up" flavored ice cream taste like?!

Definitely not something fruity.
Something dark to reflect that place you're in [chocolate, and lots of it].
Something marshmallow-y to mirror the pillows you're crying into [fluff].
Something nutty to reflect your state of mind [walnuts].
Something thick that matches your heavy heart [condensed milk].
Something boozy to help you forget your troubles [kahlua].

Or how about Garlic-flavored ice cream to turn that "bad-taste-in-your-mouth" metaphor into a real life scenario! Did I take it too far?

UPDATE: Anderson Cooper will now also require break-up ice cream because his lover just got ousted for cheating on the silver fox. Seriously, what is happening in this world?!

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la beast said...

Love the break up ice cream idea! Marshmallows and chocolate for sure!