21 August 2012

Bistro Petit

Have you eaten at Bistro Petit? It's really cute right? Blue and white stripes, cute French-y font with the promise of something buttery to eat, purple paint lining the red door.

Apparently cute comes with a cost. There's no tap water. No bathrooms. No wait service. No tables.

I read the H20 part on yelp so of course I decided to hydrate myself before we left my apartment because we were biking there.

And because I hydrated myself, I had to pee. And wash my hands after locking my bike up.
So when we walked in, we were stared at blankly. No 'hello', but a 'yes? what do you want?' look on the cashier (? i have no idea what his purpose was... I also couldn't decide if he was rude or just didn't know how to talk to a person). I asked for the bathroom and he said they didn't have one (uh, WHAAT?!) but to go to the bodega next door. So I go and wash my hands only because it wasn't a "pee at the bodega" emergency. While I was next door, my friend did some serious investigating and discovered that there is no wait service and there aren't tables. Just counters that you sit at on stools. Which was fine (and cute!). Except that upon observation, we learned that it wasn't a "first come, first serve", rather it was a "oh good, you're getting up just as we're walking in so we'll take your seats thank you!" type of seating arrangement. We discovered that while we were waiting outside for someone to finish their fabulous French brunch because the cute Bistro is too damn petit that they can't even fit waiters or tables or bathrooms or tap water in the place!

So we left and went to another cute brunch place with a normal dining experience. It wasn't French, but they had a bike hanging in the air out front! I'll write a review of that place later. But I will tell you they had bathrooms! And tap water! And the nicest waitstaff! And delicious food! It was great.

The menu at Bistro Petit looked really good, so I'm going to save her for the next Full Moon (is that the secret? go on a weird day?) and write an article titled "How to successfully eat at Bistro Petit" that will explain the dining method at BP. It will obviously be published in the NYTimes. A girl can dream.

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