30 November 2010

Gobble Gobble

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I'm back from Texas where I ate everything in front of me and filled up on phamily time. It was great and I was definitely sad to leave (mainly because of my crying mother). But I get to come back in one month for Christmas!!

Speaking of my mother- she got me a Tofurkey to eat on Thanksgiving... not the boxed kind that you get at a traditional grocery store. She found a soy meat that was molded into a shape of a little piece of chicken! Don't believe me? Don't worry- I took a picture. It tasted delicious (and you will have to trust me on that one because it's all gone).


Did you think I was crazy when you read that I already put my Christmas tree up? Well, my dad put up our tree before Thanksgiving too. The Phams do not mess around with our Christmas celebration, it's in our blood. So I guess we're all crazy.

My adorable cousin Ivy...

And my mom's favorite child, Lucky.

Holy crap, it's going to be December soon!

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la beast said...

is that the shape of a turkey or a chicken?