03 October 2012

90's Night

I am an 80's don't remember anything but appreciate it now baby, and a 90s loving child! So when my friends and I discovered 90s night at The Bell House, it was a must go-to. We went Friday night and seriously had the time of our lives! But how could we not?! Good beer, good company, good AWESOME MUSIC! And I am always my happiest in my BSB shirt.

Mario dressed as a 90s school boy a la Cory Matthews. Jenna and I sported our favorite 90s band's (ok favorite band EVER) Backstreet Boys t-shirts. I took the denim route since I live in my jean jacket during the fall season and paired it with my patchy jean skirt! I also found a pair of neon beebop kicks (that I purchased in 2010) that matched wonderfully with my sparkly tights. Jenna and Julie went more 90's grunge. Jenna even had a choker!!! We might have been the only ones that dressed for the occasion... but that also means that we were the only ones that the photographer kept wanting to photograph!!!

You know what's weird? I don't remember any of the songs that they played!!!! I just remember having A LOT OF FUN! The next morning I said to Jenna every 5 minutes "omg, did they play 'Be My Lover' by La Bouche?!" or "omg, did they play 'Baby One More Time' by Britney?!" Apparently, they did and I sang (ok, I screamed) and danced and loved it. And this was the first legit excuse I've found to wear my BSB shirt out. I've never been happier!

We ended up closing the bar... like they told us we couldn't have any limes with our water because they had already put the tray with the limes, olives and cherries away. They also stopped playing music, but that's probably because I spilled a drink on the DJ's table... but in my defense, the drink was not mine. I just accidently knocked it over the ledge. Mario also fell asleep on the subway and ended up in Chinatown. If that's not a great night, I don't know what is.

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