31 July 2011

happy birthday christine!


do you have a sister?
mine pinches my cheeks and squishes my face when she adores me.
she also sits on me and strongly grabs my limbs leaving her fingerprints when she's mad.

we like to sing together. for example, she'll sing the rap part of Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and I'll sing the chorus.
(maybe we'll show you one day in a youtube video..!!)

so.. yes we have a weird yet unbreakable sisterly bond, to say the least.
she's moving up to NYC next month to pursue her cobbler aspirations.


1 comment:

Locife said...

oh zuh uh.......oh mon dieu......sweet jeebus. why did you have to use a chubby chaser picture.

love the lively description you painted of me......it's all true folks. I'm a beast.

20ish days before we're reunited. yay!!!