27 August 2008

Pasghetti with the Phamily

Today is day one (of five) for the Phamily without our precious mother.  Trinh left for Toronto early this morning to reunite with her eight siblings (my maternal family tree is hugely Catholic) and to attend my cousin's wedding.  My dad, sister, Lucky and I were left behind with the arduous task to watch the house during her weekend of fun.

My dad went to work this morning and didn't get home until late afternoon like a normal working person.  During that time, Christine and I woke up at 11 and did what we loved best: shopped and made food.  We visited J.Crew and perused their final sale.  All sale items were an extra 40% off.  I got this skirt in honey glaze which was originally $98 but after the 40% off and then a 10% student discount, the grand total came out to be $16.33.  It was a STEAL.

After a brisk stroll around NorthPark, we returned home and made a cozy dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread.  Yum-O! Christine made an extra plate of sausage links to complete the meal for the carnivorous section of the Phamily, who can be seen below.

Daddy enjoying his meal while Christine serves up a STORM!

Well, I'm off to take a nap.  Why?  Because if my mom left early for the airport, that means I got home at an absurd hour after dropping her off.  :)

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