31 December 2008

Life Lessons of HSM3 (but not really)

Last night, I saw High School Musical 3 at the Dollar Theater with this awesome chica, my sister and her friend. I felt like I was babysitting (even though it was Taylor's and my idea to go). This was also my third time to see it, but my FIRST time paying to see it.

OK, so none of that really matters except for the fact that Disney did a great job with HSM3. The Made-for-TV movie turned big screen blockbuster was really professional. The music and choreography were flawless, making all three viewings more than tolerable.

My only complaint is that I didn't see any Asians! My sister and I briefly discussed the matter on the way home. It really struck me that she noticed. As an Asian woman (omg, I'm a woman?!?!) pursuing a career in Media, I often think about and notice the lack of Asians in the Media all the time. Is it intentional? Are Asians being discriminated against by casting? Or is it because Asians have chosen not to be present in Media, and have instead chosen to pursue a career as a doctor, lawyer or ambiguous business person?

Whatever the reason is, I hope I get to change all of that down the road. Having my own talk show is a dream, among many, I've had since high school, a time where you focus a lot on "what you want to be when you grow up," an ongoing theme throughout the film. And while I don't think I'll start feeling like a grown-up until Monday (when I start my first job out of college!), I just realized that all I have is now. Post-graduation, I am free to dictate what I do and pursue what I want. After high school graduation, four years of college stood before me. Now, to take from Natasha Bedingfield, I am staring at the blank page before me. I will be honest, the general lack of direction really got to me. I had good days, and I had bad days. But now, I am learning to embrace it. And learning is a part of life, right?

But the lack of me doesn't take away from HSM3, so GO SEE IT!


Taylor said...

thank you for this post :)

also... you have representation in Gossip Girl! Much better show anyway ;)

but I know all this will change when JP enters the profession. GET yourself that talk show!

Jenna said...

start blogging again chica! :)